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Who would have ever imagined that the little girl who took ballet classes and tried to wear her tutu with regular outfits would turn into…

Who would have ever imagined that the little girl who took ballet classes and tried to wear her tutu with regular outfits would turn into a fashionista? Jennifer Burchette, 22, hails from Virginia Beach, VA and is best known by her blog fans as “Fashionista Jenn”. She started her blog in 2011 around Thanksgiving after a friend of hers called needing fashion advice for a date.

“fashion is self-taught, either you know it or you don’t”.

When her mom overheard the conversation, she suggested that she write these outfit ideas down somewhere so that they will be easily accessible to others. From there, her blog ( was born.

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For inspiration, Burchette looks up to both Lauren Conrad and Sarah Jessica Parker’s role in the fashion world, but for differing reasons. Since youth, Conrad has influenced Burchette and she feels as if her first few footsteps towards a career in fashion have mirrored Conrad’s. Ironically, the name “Lauren” holds a strong prevalence in the Burchette home as both her and her mother’s favorite designer is Ralph Lauren. In fact, Burchette’s middle name is “Lauren”, after this established designer. It’s almost as if her mother knew early on the fate of her daughter’s career. She is also influenced by Parker because of her impeccable style.

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Burchette’s closet, though organized in its own special way, has been deemed “a fabulous mess”. The everyday outfits that come out of it are sure to include a skirt (because she rarely wears pants), an oversized boyfriend watch, and a pair of wedges, which makes it a little easier to pound the uneven sidewalks of Richmond as a senior at VCU. She worked in the 2014 RVA Fashion Week as a blogger for featured designers, her favorite being DRGY, because of their creativity. Burchette is no stranger to hardwork; as exhibited by her multiple endeavors .Burchette is a Style Guru at, a site that allows you to follow the fashion trends of colleges around the world. In addition, she has interned with Seventeen Magazine, and is a fashion contributor for and Her Campus— the #1 online and offline community for college women.

Charlotte Russe Cut-out gown

You would think that such a fashion-minded woman would certainly spend her college career studying fashion, but not Burchette. Her hours in the hallowed classrooms of VCU are spent as an Interdisciplinary Studies, Business/Media Studies major. This fashionista believes that “fashion is self-taught, either you know it or you don’t”. She taught herself everything that she knows by simply reading and researching on her own. Burchette has big dreams of working as an editorial stylist for a magazine such as Vogue or Harper’s Bazaar and to one day settle in her self-proclaimed fashion capital, Paris. Given her drive, passion and love for what she does,it is only a matter of time before her dreams are reality.

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