[Spoiler] Girls Trip: Friendship & Importance of Sisterhood Among Black Women

The power of friendship is real. The people who know us inside and out, accept us for our flaws and are there to pick us…

The power of friendship is real. The people who know us inside and out, accept us for our flaws and are there to pick us up without any judgement when we fall always points to the group of people we consider to be our closest girlfriends. This weekend, Will Packer Productions, known for hit films like Think like a Man and Ride Along debuted the heart-warming comedy, Girls Trip, that’ll be sure to have you calling your girls near and far and planning your next getaway.

In a nutshell, this film unveils the true meaning of authentic sisterhood. It reminds us why, as life progresses and people grow up, it’s imperative that we don’t let the bonds that we hold with our girlfriends slip away in the process.

The dynamics of a friendship circle are so important. First there’s your caring and motherly friend. Lisa, played by Jada Pinkett-Smith, is our reminder that it’s okay to stop and smell the roses. It is okay to enjoy your life. Everyone is used to this friend being the nurturer or the giver, but it is okay for them to receive the amount of love they pour into others, most importantly remembering that it is okay to let loose and have fun. Push this friend to have that second or third drink and or wear a flattering dress. Remind them that although they’re a kick-ass mom or professional now, it is okay to revisit their old wild side and break free from a routine lifestyle and have a little fun.

Next there’s your loyal friend. Sasha, played by Queen Latifah, is the definition of how no matter how you make her feel or how upset you cause her to be, you can trust that she will always have your back and protect you like none other. The loyal friend always has your best interests at heart even if she does not always show it. It’s good to let this friend know that you have her back as well. Support her visions in life, remind her from time to time that you care about the things she is trying to or has already accomplished in her life. Loyal friends want to know that you would ride or die for them just as much as they would for you, even if they don’t always voice it.

I think that the next friend keeps the spark alive within squads. She is the life of the party, the funny one who seems to not be afraid of anything or anyone. Every circle of friends thrives off of Dina, played by Tiffany Haddish. She is resilient, she is funny and most importantly she is real.  This is the one deemed as the wild friend with no filter. She’s the girlfriend that keeps the party pumping and you probably would never know when or if she’s going through a rough patch because she’s always providing the laughs. Don’t just keep her around for s*?!# and giggles.  Provide her with the laughs when she’s been handed life’s sourest lemons, don’t miss the chance to be the one to make her smile if she’s having a bad day. Send her a text, that you know will make her chuckle and never pass judgement for any of her crazy antics. Embrace her fearlessness and let some of it rub off on you so you are able to smile though any of your rainy days.

Last, but certainly not least, there’s your strong friend. She seems to have it all. Perfect career, perfect relationship, she is the goals of the squad. This girlfriend keeps everyone on their toes so much that she forgets to do the same for herself. Ryan, played by Regina Hall, reminds us of the person we turn to for all of our love, financial or just life in general advice. She is way more than often the girl we dial when stuff goes wrong and can always be counted on to help us tackle anything with a realistic or logical approach. Check on her rather than always checking in with your issues. Encourage her to lean on you when she needs to and most importantly remind her that is okay to not be o.k. all of the time. Remember that she needs you just as much as you need her.

A group of college girlfriends go on the trip of a lifetime in the film Girls Trip. They laugh, they dance, they fight, but in the end they realize the significance they have on each other’s lives. This film is the depiction of black girl magic. It shows that as much as society tries to paint the picture that black girls are mean or always in competition with one another, we too let our hair down and have fun. We too are educated, well-off and able to take trips with our girlfriends and let loose despite any trials or tribulations we may face. Girls Trip proves it is possible to have a diverse female-led movie and make it a success by reeling in a whopping $30.4 million during its opening weekend although the budget for the film was only under $20 million.  It may have shocked box office critics with the amount of support it received, however it just confirms that people want to see stories that involve people that they not only relate to, but also look like them. Girls Trip is a reminder of true-blue and tight like glue friendship that many black girls share with each other and the importance of the dynamics of having a squad that brings so many different personalities and walks of life into your friendship.

By: Shanique Yates


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