8 entertaining Podcasts Black Millennials are tuning in to regularly…

Millennials are a special bunch of individuals. We are resilient, innovative, motivated and strong-willed. However, we live in a world where we can be underestimated…

Millennials are a special bunch of individuals. We are resilient, innovative, motivated and strong-willed. However, we live in a world where we can be underestimated by the older generation because we don’t fit the “traditional” work, professional or social lifestyle.  That can make us feel lonely because we feel that there is no one out there that understands us.

Podcasts really fill that gap of understandability which most millennials are searching for. It is nice to find your kindred spirit whether they be in or a bit outside of your age range. Since graduating college, I have felt a bit lonely and in a space where no one really understands what I am going through. When I listen to podcasts it gives me hope for the future and puts my mind at ease of all the fear and anxiety that comes with adulthood.

Here are eight podcasts that are aimed towards millennials that will give you a good laugh, advice  and a bit of reassurance about life ahead.

  1. 2 Dope Queens

This show produced in the WYNC studios is hosted by BFFs Phoebe Robinson and Jessica Williams who come together to tackle subjects like sex, romance, race, and living in The Big Apple.


  1. Rich Friend: The Elevated Conversation

Cultural enthusiasts Mark Anthony Green and Matthew Trammell give their opinions on music, style, nightlife, art, and the topics that fall in between. These gentlemen elevate their conversation to the next level by featuring perspectives from both men and women in order to have a balanced conversation.


  1. Melanin Millennials

Take a listen to our neighbors from across the Atlantic; Imrie and Satia are black women living in London giving their take on pop culture, Black Twitter and giving their British point of view on it all. They’re serving tea and giving you the realest commentary in the process.


  1. Rantin’ and Ravin’ with Yameneka and Friends

A weekly comedy show hosted by Yameneka. She and her guest hosts give their two cents on life issues like romance, dating, and everything in between with a comedic twist in the mix.

  1. Gettin’ Grown

Hosted by Jade and Kia, these ladies give you the deal about real-life issues that happen when you are getting up there in age. Through their own experiences they give advice and aid us in our transition to where they are in life.

  1. Do Not Disturb with Jade

This show, hosted by YouTuber (FoxyHotMess), interviews various guests that give their take on energies, race, YouTube culture, and friendships; as well as answering questions from listeners.


  1. The Friendzone

This show is hosted by three best friends (Francheska, Dustin, and Assante) living in New York City. Their mission is to help you get rid of your musty situations. It can get a bit heart heavy but Dustin and Assante do a good job of lightening the mood in a tasteful manner.


 8. M-Talk: The Millennial Show

The host & co-hosts of this show (Vincent, Hoyt & Kiara) not only discuss the latest in fashion trends, current events, health & wellness and more; but they bring a distinct perspective that only millennials, living in the thriving hub for culture- that is Richmond VA ,can possess and articulate.

By: Kaycia Sailsman

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