London: A city of intrigue awaits you

“…When a man is tired of London, He is tired of Life…” – Samuel Johnson   I stifled a brief yawn as I decided to…

“…When a man is tired of London, He is tired of Life…” – Samuel Johnson

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I stifled a brief yawn as I decided to peer out the window. Thousands of feet below, I could see the form of the great city ambling into view. My silence was interrupted by the voice of the airplane captain. In that generic pilot voice, which always has the ring of someone recovering from a cold, he announced that we were now about to land at London’s Heathrow airport. He wished the passengers a good time in this eternal city but not before reminding us to fly with them again next time.

 A Cradle of History, Past and Present.
Like it or not, there is the unspoken truth that people generally have a deep affection for London. From times past, statutes and legislation of a once expansive empire spanning from the Americas to parts of Asia and Africa were produced here. But even before then; such things impactful upon life as we know it, such as the great industrial revolution had co-ordination from this great city. Indeed when one also looks at literature, many a great writer, actor or singer had either lived here or had a connection of some sorts with this city.

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The attraction of the city lies in its history; but the question arises, why bother with a city seeped in history and belonging to another time? Well because beyond the history. London is the now.
In an earlier paragraph; the assertion was made that people have a deep affection for London. This view finds support in the massive turnout during the 2012 London Olympic Games. You see, despite the fact that the weather is often grey and maybe the people appear to be in too much of a hurry. Rather than diminish the allure of the city, this instead gives London a unique flavor. There is always something to do in London. Be it going down to the beautiful Wembley stadium to watch a game of football in one of the oldest grounds in the footballing world- preceding the coinage of soccer as a name for the sport, or maybe scurrying across for a tour at the houses of parliament to walk the same paths that great individuals had previously walked- the hallowed halls in which sterling legislation such as those to ban slave trade had been passed and more controversial ones such as legislation to colonize resource wealthy nations had also been passed. Indeed being one of the oldest parliamentary systems that give the people a voice, stirs within the observer a certain reverence for not only the building but the spirit that lies within it.


Adventure in Abundance

The adventurous tourist will not be bored of London, as the River Thames is ready to be explored and such sites as the Buckingham palace await for the history buffs; a once revered seat of power- remains revered in glory albeit not in power. Cap this off with a trip to Oxford street, wherein the top end shops are well within a mile and ever willing to deplete your bank account.
London is beyond the tourism of museums, theaters and government buildings. The business minded young lad only needs to get on the underground and arrives in ‘the city’ wherein all the top businesses either have headquarters or major branches. From the top law firms; to top technological firms and not forgetting the main banks and consulting agencies- this is not even scratching the surface of the plethora of industries that call London home.


A friend once said to me; whenever I go to London, I feel motivated.
You see, dear reader; London has that pull. In an earlier paragraph it was noted that some people may criticize the people therein for always being in a hurry. But the question is why not? There is so much to see and do in London and so little time. London is a cornucopia; if you are an entrepreneur, London is the place; if your passion lies in education, then having globally recognized top universities such as the London School of Economics, University College London, London Business School amongst others does it no harm. If you are interested in the arts- London speaks for itself as the birthplace of so many greats in this field.
But, don’t take my word for it.

Come and visit.

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  1. Peter Aghatise says:

    This is splendid my dear son. You bring me back to my days in London in the 70’s when I do visit from Bolton to spend my vacation with my childhood friend of blessed memory.
    Keep it up for I know that the passion for writing is in your blood and the good Lord will continue to supply you the wisdom you need to excel.


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