How Come We Aren’t Pissed Off Enough?

***WARNING*** I’m pissed off! We have white police officers and civilians killing innocent black men and women. Our churches are being torched and the worshipers…

***WARNING*** I’m pissed off! We have white police officers and civilians killing innocent black men and women. Our churches are being torched and the worshipers inside are being gunned down during prayers and Bible studies. Local white bombers and terrorists are getting politely handcuffed when caught, meanwhile our black men are getting choked out for cigarettes and shot over skittles, cell phones and hoodies. Our women are still fighting for their “choice,” the right to decide when and if they can have abortions and use birth control. In this day and age, and with all these technological advancements, we still seem to be going more backwards than forwards when it comes down to just plain ol’ getting along with each other. It’s still very much a race war…and I was asked the other day, how come we aren’t pissed off enough?

As a black man, I still have to try to outshine my white counterparts daily. I still have to tiptoe when around “too many white folks”. I can’t go to work dressed down in a white tee and jeans for worry of being stereotyped, meanwhile I watch upper level management do so here and there and nothing is said to them. I watch white men and women get promotions and level upgrades for no standout reason, meanwhile those that look like me remain stagnant and after a while they just end up leaving the job to go elsewhere and scrape and scratch to get a few extra dollars per hour until the next go around. When race comes up in casual conversation with my white friends, I’m immediately turned to for “answers” as if I’m the token black spokesman. Meanwhile if I don’t agree with their theories then I’m just being unruly and over-emotional about “all this race stuff”. There are still plenty black people that still believe that it takes a white person to believe in them in order for them to excel to the next level, and even get financial backing for their ideas and visions. Plenty of us still don’t allow our black dollars to circulate within the black community. Yeah, I’m a little pissed off.

Not since MLK Jr. and Malcolm X have we had a leader stand up and be willing to sacrifice everything that he or she has (and even their own life) for their people, for us, “for the culture”. It’s going to take someone to get pissed off just enough to take it to the extreme. It’s going to take someone of a certain level of importance to lose something extremely important to them in order for some sort of astronomical deed to be done. It’s a new age now, and most people just apply social justice via social media rants, well-thought out phrases and well positioned pictures with our black fists up. This is what soothes many onlookers, and definitely the ones making the posts. They feel that they’ve done their portion for the cause. The black celebrities sit up in their 15 million dollar homes, with their home-schooled children, their personal drivers, and they donate 1 million dollars to whatever the current trending cause is, and they feel good. They are lifted on an imaginary pedestal for about a week before the onlookers move on to the next issue. We march, we march, and we march some more, only to hear or read about another killing of an unarmed young black person the following week. We scream #blacklivesmatter and they turn it around on us, screaming #alllivesmatter and #bluelivesmatter. We can’t win. Seriously, what’s it going to take?

What’s it going to take for someone to get pissed off just enough to set it off and spark a mighty blow against the systemic and social oppressor? What’s it going to take for the black on black crimes to end and we actually come together to form a strong and mighty black fist to deliver an unstoppable blow to the opposition? I’m pissed, but I need us ALL to get pissed; I mean really pissed. Let’s stop downing each other for the short-term come up, and join forces for the long-term revolution and ultimate seizing of what was once ours. We rightfully want our throne back. We demand our respect. We overly deserve our royalties, and to be acknowledged for all that we have done for this world and continue to contribute to everything imaginable. Meanwhile, as we continue to be short-changed with everything that can be mentioned, it’s unfortunate but I don’t really see us advancing forward until the question gets answered… How Come We Aren’t Pissed Off Enough?

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  1. Arnelle says:

    Very great piece of literature, completely agree.


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