David McCullar on his journey to Inception

David McCullar did not enjoy school. “I don’t want to work for anyone else, I want to be an entrepreneur,” McCullar told his dad. With…

David McCullar did not enjoy school. “I don’t want to work for anyone else, I want to be an entrepreneur,” McCullar told his dad. With a little dedication, creativeness, and a little happiness along the way McCullar was able to become the entrepreneur he always wanted to be.

However, it was a long road to get there. The Detroit, Michigan native became interested in the alternative health field after dealing with his own health issues. McCullar recalls, “Doctors told me that the pain was gastrointestinal.” However, later found out that it was stress related.

After finding out that the medication he was taking wasn’t curing his illness and his stomach pains were coming back stronger, he started researching alternative health modalities. Neurofeedback, the first alternative therapy that McCullar discovered provides relief for people who suffer from stroke, concussion, ADHD, anxiety, sleep problems, and PTSD. With this discovery, McCullar travelled to Sedona, Arizona, the only place at that offered a specific form of Neurofeedback at the time.

He received twelve sessions over four days. The process of Neurofeedback involves placing sensors on the scalp, which mirrors brain activity and what the brain is doing in real time. McCullar had a personal battle with anxiety and after using Neurofeedback he was able to reduce his anxiety.

McCullar decided to take his experience back to Michigan in 2007 where he started the Neuro Fitness Center. In addition to Neuro Feedback, another modality that McCullar incorporated in the business is Floatation Therapy, which he re-introduced to the Michigan area in 2014. With Floatation Therapy, visitors float in a 9×5 tank filled with Epsom salt and a foot of water heated to the body’s temperature. Those two combinations work together to reduce the stimulus of light and sound, so the brain can go into a meditative state.

McCullar’s background is in Information Technology. He went from troubleshooting computers to trouble-shooting himself. One of the people he worked with was Dr. David Burcelli, a traumologist, who created the Trauma Release Exercise. He also received ongoing education from the Brain State Technologies, the company he originally purchased the Neurofeedback software from.

McCullar has taken his experience with his illness and made what helped him accessible to those around the Detroit metro area. In 2017, McCullar rebranded Neuro Fitness to its new name Inception. He currently serves 6,000 to 7,000 people, ranging from 2-98 years old. He runs his business with his partner and mother, Tina McCullar, who has over 20 years of background experience in social work.

For McCullar, the most rewarding part of being in this field is when clients thank him for going through his own experience and they see the value in the help they are getting.

The cost of a session is typically $75.00, and people may require over 30 sessions depending on their unique situation. This can add up to a substantial amount. Therefore, McCullar has created a pricing structure that is affordable for everyone that can go as low as $159.00 a month for an unlimited membership.

Having access to these services in the city provides people alternative health options when it comes to mental health. McCullar and his team have plans to open a new Inception in the downtown Detroit area and to franchise nationally and internationally.

By Kaycia Sailsman

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