WISDOM TODAY | John Alabi: It cost to love more than you think

It’s easier to ‘fall in love’ than ‘to love. To ‘fall in love’ may be accidental, sudden or ephemeral – terminal and temporal and Infatuation. Whereas…

It’s easier to ‘fall in love’ than ‘to love. To ‘fall in love’ may be accidental, sudden or ephemeral – terminal and temporal and Infatuation. Whereas – ‘to love’ on the other hand is an act, a conscious and deliberate effort, long lasting and sustaining and has little or nothing to do with emotion. With that being said, it is safe to arrive at the 3 points below:

  • To love is to give and forgive

The least expected person to insult and annoy you is your spouse. But, I promise you that insults from your spouse will come when you least expect. But you still have to give and forgive nonetheless.

  • Whether you like it or not – give and forgive him/her
  • Whether you feel like it or not – give and forgive him/her
  • Whether s/he appreciates it or not – give to, and forgive him/her
  • Whether you make use of your religious mind or free mind – give and forgive him/her

Buy things, dress and spend money on him or her as much as you would for yourself; and even more!

  •  To love is to assume responsibility

By way of definition – just as Jesus assumed our responsibility we must do same

  • Responsibility is liability
  • Every responsibility carries along financial commitment
  • Responsibility drains and milk you – drains you, your money and your effort
  • To get married to him or her – is to assume responsibility and liability

Therefore, as singles, if the man is not ready to assume your responsibility and liability and ready to pay even for damages – reconsider your stand with him as a woman. And as a young man, any lady you are in a relationship with who finds it difficult to assume her responsibility and liability– quit!

  • To love is to be vicariously liable for another’s negligence, weakness, deficiency and liability.

This is the ultimate – greater than the other two points above. This is taking the place of your husband or wife. Therefore, you have to defend, shield, protect, preserve, secure, guide and guard your husband/wife against and from all forms of crises, abuses, attacks, aches, torture, emotional, psychological, and unnecessary trauma from friends, family members, in laws etc.

That is the true ultimate form of love; loving another and being there for them.

Written by: John O. Alabi




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