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By way of definition, a friend is he/she in whom you always have common ground and a consensus. In other words, there is always a…

By way of definition, a friend is he/she in whom you always have common ground and a consensus. In other words, there is always a meeting point. No matter how bad, good, or nice he/she seems to be, there is always a juncture where mutual understanding and agreement are always reached. Agreement is the basis for friendship. when it comes to friendship, I hope that everyone has one of the following:

Morale Boosting friends: These are your supporting strikers. They are your peer group. They reason along with you most of the time. They have no respect for protocol when dealing with you. Most times, they support you and your ideas. Nevertheless, they stir, motivate, challenge and cheer you up. Your morale boosting friends encourage you. They can be your enthusiasm, momentum, zeal and motivation to advance your career, profession and life generally. They are always around and available to hear your opinions and sentiments. These people can go as far as risking their lives for you. You will always have them, learn to appreciate and manage them and never ignore them. They may be key to your next level.

Competitive friends: You probably grew up with this set. They are aware of your background and you usually have some similarities. They are mostly in your family line, peer group, school mates, office colleagues, academic friends, religious group, distant cousins and etc. They are always in a rat race with you. They try all they can to shout and shut you down just to outshine you. Always in rivalry with you, your dream and your project, and/or worse still, usurp and snatch your chances. They use the pessimist’s binocular to see the negatives, loopholes and why things cannot work as projected. They rate you as too small, young or unripe to explore or launch into certain realms of adventure. They always see the impossible and the negative side of your ambition. They see why things should not be done now until a later time. They are hard bones to crack. However, don’t view them as demoralizing; rather let them challenge and fire you up. Make use of them as raw materials for motivation and zeal. You will always have plenty of them, except you are not doing something worthwhile and intimidating. Don’t just ignore, surprise them.

Spiritual friends: My spirituality comes alive when I am with them or chat with them. They are my supporting strikers in prayers, word consultation and word practitioners and everything relating to divinity. They are always interested in dreams, vision, fortune, luck, blessings and other spiritual related matters. You may or may not get any monetary or financial assistance from them but they may be instrumental for wealth creation. You need them very much. Your spiritual friends edify you.

Financial friends: These are the one you can discuss money and finances with. It’s unfortunate they are always in the minority. Money matters are so sacred that it demands privacy. You don’t just discuss money matters with anyone. I am talking about a few people in your life you can discuss money with. Not everyone trusts you enough to invest and sponsor you with their financial resources. A financial friend is a friend indeed. A financial friend does not only pity your condition. A financial friend does not just admire your plans, pursuit and courage. A financial friend does not only envy your success. A financial friend does not just wish you well. A financial friend is committed financially to helping you make it happen.

If I may ask you, how many of these friends or people do you have in your life? To be sincere they are always scarce and few. Though I believe quality matters more than quantity. Understand there is a difference between intimate and best friends. Many are close and intimate but dangerous and disastrous to your health, pursuits and goals. But the best of friends may not be too close but make things happen anywhere and anytime. Examine your friends, which ones do you need the most, which ones are you to your friends and how many of them do you need?

By: John Alabi

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