Please! Don’t be the next #hurtbae…

The latest sensation to take Twitter by storm is the #hurtbae video that went viral during the same day we set aside to show our…

The latest sensation to take Twitter by storm is the #hurtbae video that went viral during the same day we set aside to show our baes love, Valentine’s Day.  The former couple, Kourtney and Leonard, sat down to talk about where their relationship took a turn for the worse. In a video that lasts about six minutes long, Kourtney revisits the infidelities she faced during her relationship with Leonard.  Often times she was too upset to speak, while Leonard appeared to be unbothered, causing the world of social media to lose its mind. The interview, conducted and uploaded by The Scene, has been retweeted over 200,000 times and has over a million views on Facebook.

We can pass all the judgment we want, however many of us can relate. Whether we were the one hurting, or the one causing the hurt in past relationships, it’s possible that many of us have been in the shoes of the couple sparking debates all across the social media globe.

So what do you do if you’re #hurtbae?  You’ve put yourself out there. He or she is all over your Snapchat and Instagram feed, the world knows that the two of you are an item, yet they have now misused your trust and you’re left heartbroken. How does one pick up the pieces without appearing to look hurt? The old saying “time heals all wounds,” is definitely the best prescription for a break-up with history that cuts deep.

From previous experience, I myself can attest to the fact that the only way to get over a situationship or bad romance is time. Finding things that make you happy, focusing on your future, and keeping yourself busy during the time after a relationship is the best medicine for heartbreak. Yes, you may want to resort to your bed, eat ice cream, and cry all day every day; however, that gets draining. Give yourself a week to mourn, then dry those tears and move on.

Also, like #hurtbae, face the harsh reality that sometimes things will end with no closure. She asked her former lover, Leonard, how many times he cheated and why he did his dirt; however, his responses were dry, leaving her with little to no closure. Sometimes that’s just the way the cards are dealt, and you must be okay with that. Validation should come from within, not the other person; no matter how much love you thought was there, no one knows and can love you better than you can yourself. Practice self-love, dig deep within yourself and know that you are fearfully and wonderfully made.

Whether you are the hurter or the one hurting, life goes on. At the end of the #hurtbae video the credits revealed that Kourtney and Leonard are now good friends and still keep up with one another. Am I saying you have to befriend the person who had you at your lowest? No- however, do yourself the favor and let that hurt go. You’d be amazed at how much you’ll flourish once you release pain rather than harbor it and let it control your life.

by Shanique Yates


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