A Message From The CEO


As the esteemed Chief Executive Officer of M-Lifestyle, it is my great honor to lead a team of young professionals and entrepreneurs who are ardently committed to showcasing the unique stories and perspectives of millennials of color, and in doing so, catalyzing positive social change.

Our multimedia platform transcends traditional journalism and serves as a hub for the millennial generation to engage with one another, share knowledge, and foster intellectual growth. With a tenacious commitment to promoting positivity, we believe that our content can inspire readers to forge ahead in their professional and personal pursuits, and that our platform can provide the foundation for a robust and vibrant community.

At M-Lifestyle, we hold steadfast to the belief that by amplifying stories of triumph, resilience, and innovation, we can dispel negative stereotypes and empower young professionals and entrepreneurs of color to live their best lives. It is our unequivocal aim to provide a space where a diverse array of voices and perspectives can converge, and to instill in our readers a sense of possibility and potential.

We invite you to join us on this transformative journey, and to contribute your own unique voice to our dynamic and ever-evolving platform. It is with great pride and pleasure that we welcome you into the M-Lifestyle community.


Peter O. Olatuyi
Founder & Chief Executive Officer | M-Lifestyle