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     Noble Madu was born with an intense sense of curiosity that made him go on a search for knowledge, and how one acquires knowledge.…


Noble Madu was born with an intense sense of curiosity that made him go on a search for knowledge, and how one acquires knowledge. Born into a strict Nigerian household, Madu went on to graduate with a Bachelor’s of Business Administration from Texas Tech University. While pursuing his degree, Madu along with his friend Connor Moore, decided that just going to class was not enough. They decided that it was time to kick off the start of their entrepreneurial venture, thus coming up with their ultimate strategy, bringing other companies marketing value. Attending referrals, completing legal work, networking, and proposing business ideals while also attending classes was not always easy for MAdu. However, refusing to take a break, it was only a matter of time before the launch of their company- “Pawn2Kings.” Pawn2Kings quickly evolved into an online store, connecting buyers and sellers through a series of online deals.


That marked the beginning of a dazzling and unforgettable journey towards changing the modus operandi for entrepreneurship. With an ambition for networking and volunteering, Madu took his passion, inspiration, and desire and formulated all of that into what we know today as Skystream Technology. Madu started Skystream in 2012 wanting to bestow others with passion, specifically acquiring advice from other businesses on how they can improve their work ethic. Having run the business for over four years, Madu has successfully reached his goal of providing clients with a train of thought, helping them, assuring their abilities so that they can help themselves.


Madu is good-natured, with a strong sense of charisma which lends itself to better connecting with his surroundings. Growing up with a delay in his speech made it difficult to communicate with his peers which made Madu fear going to school as a child. In his freshman year of college, Madu completely transformed himself into someone seen as the ultimate resource,by connecting people with things, and people with people. Despite his past challenge of communicating with others, Madu knew that he had a future of connecting with not just people around him, but the world.

In college, Madu’s artistic mind went to work coming up with ideas for a company that would allow him to go on and enhance the practices of other existing organizations. Madu dreamt that this would provide others with the privilege of having the ability to think on their own, allowing them to discover the unexplored parts of their minds, thus allowing them to uncover their true potential they never thought existed. Madu realized the true potential of what his body and mind can do to shape his world, and now devotes his life to helping others discover what they can do to shape theirs.

Skystream Technology stands today more accomplished than it did back in 2012. It has a highly energetic culture, a culture that assures their clients that they continue to improve and grow over time. “I want to see somebody today, and then see them in the future where they have improved.”   At only 24 years old, Madu has had the privilege of watching Skystream be nominated for a feature in the Business Journal 40 under 40 Awards; an event for Dallas/Fort Worth executives under 40 years of age who happen to stand out. Despite not making the final honoree cut, Madu and Skystream were mentioned at the event, having been regarded as making a huge impact in local communities. Having impacted up to 30,000 employees, Madu still wishes for his company to employ and consult for over 200,000 people in over 10 countries.

In addition to Skystream, Noble Madu serves as a board member for Virginia College, where he is the youngest and only African American member. Alongside his success with entrepreneurship, Madu takes most pride in having the chance to place himself in front of other people, and being example for others to follow. “Every single award I’ve gotten, has been a result of placing myself in front of other people.” Madu has changed the lives of many people through not only his business, but through his spirit, essence, and disposition. Noble Madu will continue to transform Skystream Technology, by changing and molding generations of people and businesses alike.

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