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The Icon that is PRINCE | Thank you for the memories

For our generation, calling Prince to memory brings to mind fond recollections of road trips taken with older relatives, singing karaoke to pass the time,…

For our generation, calling Prince to memory brings to mind fond recollections of road trips taken with older relatives, singing karaoke to pass the time, from sultry ballads like Do Me, Baby to fun-filled anthems like I Would Die 4 U, belted joyously among generations while speeding down the freeway.

He is the common denominator between our interests. Most of the popular contemporary artists have taken leaves from his Bible- Jaden Smith and Young Thug in their ambiguous androgyny and the carefree rock star attitude of the latter; and Rihanna, with her sex-symbol persona and daring attitude- not to mention her diverse catalogue in which she showcases her adventurous tastes and interests. It’s doubtful that anyone would be brave enough to express themselves in that way, were it not for Prince.

Even your favorite lover-boys like Bobby Brown, Usher, Robin Thicke and Justin Timberlake have been inspired by him; it’s crystal clear in their high-sailing falsetto’s and the sensually salacious guitar riffs and syrupy vocals, which hearken back to The Purple One.  Frank Ocean, Miguel and The Weeknd truly embody his classy, sexy, bad-boy persona with their daring subject-matter, which exude longing, arousal, aloofness and vulnerability, all at once.


Prince had a special knack for blending genres, from funk, to rock, r&b, and pop. Prince took us to church before Kanye did.  His music called for introspection. It makes you ask yourself who you are and what you desire at your very core. He encouraged us to abandon social norms and constructions of how you should think or present yourself, and to live our lives outside such constraints.

Prince has been an incredibly influential force in music for at least the past four decades, and his legacy will survive the ages. Although he has had his music pulled from all streaming sites including Apple Music, Spotify and YouTube because of differences with the providers, his whole catalogue can be found on Tidal. Today, Prince still has 20,000 unreleased songs in his vault, which will hopefully be shared with generations to come.



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